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     Smart made easy.

    Making your home smarter has never been easier.


    The latest buzz in technology is making your home a smart home.  Creating a smart home is easier than you think.  The theory behind a smart home is to link products together that you can have easy access to in order to customize them to your liking such as synching your home theater, alarm system, thermostat, window shades, and alarm systems to one remote or your smart phone.  There are many benefits behind creating a smart home such as being eco friendly, economical, and saving time with the reassurance that your home is safe.  A smart home allows you to save energy by synching your thermostat, lights, window shades, and electronics that can all be turned off or set to a lower setting to save you energy and money.  When you synch your devices you can ease your mind by being able to lock your door, close your garage door, set the alarm on your house, and video monitor your home so that you can feel like your home is safe even if you forgot to lock the door or close the garage door.


    The idea behind a smart home is to make it user friendly and as comfortable as possible and Control 4 and RTI do just that with their state-of-the-art smart home systems. These systems communicate with nearly anything with a computer chip. They are very similar and offer as much or as little connect and control, as you want.  Control 4 offer apps that allow you to use your tablet or smartphone to control your new smart home. By doing this it allows you the ability to control things such as locking the door, turning lights on and off, temperature, even accessing music from anywhere, anytime. 


    While you’re at it, you can teach your home to be more comfortable to live in while saving lots of energy with Nest Learning Thermostat. Your wallet will love you once you purchase this! Nest Learning Thermostat is slim, sleek, big, and has a sharp display but the most important aspect is that it SAVES ENERGY. It can be controlled from anywhere and it programs itself to your personalized settings after a week of monitoring what settings you like and when you prefer them. On average it saves people an average of 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills. When you walk into a room it lights up with their fabulous Farsight feature, it will show you the temperature you’ve set and the time in either digital or analog form. Another great feature of Nest Learning Thermostat is that it knows when you’re away and will save energy with its Auto Away feature.


    Installation of smart products gives the homeowners various benefits…convenience, saving time, reassurance, cost effective and energy.


    Creating a smart home makes you a smart homeowner.

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